Gasket Replacement & Repairs

In house repairs are priced at $65/hour without including materials. We do have a number of recommended repair materials available to purchase online for those willing to do your own repairs:

Gasket repairs include materials and labour:

Neck Gasket: $65.00 including new gasket

Wrist Gasket: $40.00 per wrist including new gasket

For all repair, replacement, quotes, inquiries, and to obtain a Return Authorization Number please email

Items sent in without a Return Authorization Number will be shipped back to the origin at the customers expense.

Garments that are received for warranty or repair evaluation must be clean, and dry prior to sending or a $65 cleaning fee will be applied. Waterproof breathable products should be cleaned with products similar to: Reviviex Pro Cleaner

Turn around time can vary depending on the time of year. Anywhere from 2-6 weeks. Shipping costs for repairs are always the responsibility of the customer.

Feeling like a DIY project? Check out the gasket replacement video we have created to walk you through doing this yourself to save time and money!